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Some thoughts on Botox & using microcurrent

Some thoughts on Botox & using microcurrent

Where can I find balance between non-invasive and invasive skin care treatments I often wonder?

When you hear about Botox, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? What comes to my mind rather quickly is, If i don’t use them, i will eventually lose them in regards to the muscles of my face. I really like the muscles of my face just the way they are.

I often wonder, how many times will the nerves of the face fully regenerate themselves back to their orginal state, after each treatment of Botox has worn off? That answer would probably vary with each individual I am guessing. Truly, I would love to know the answer to that question, but I realize that probably isn’t going to happen any time soon.

However, I’ve come to learn a lot from my clients that receive Botox injections. Quite a few of my clients are equally concerned about preserving the muscles of their face, as well as minimizing the look of the wrinkles on it. In essence, my clients and I have found a nice balance between Botox and a wonderful technology called micro-current. What a beautiful combination they truly are! Reccomending micro-current treatments to my clients that are receiving Botox injections has really been a positive discovery. The results are spectacular. At Soul skin care I use an amazing device called, Neurotris sx-4500.

If you are receiving Botox you must experience micro-current at least once to make your own judgement call of course. Giving the muscles of your face and neck a little bit of a work-out will aid in keeping the integrity of the muscle, which is a good idea I think! Getting the blood flowing to those areas and nourishing all skin tissue in and around them makes perfect sense doesn’t it? It makes more sense than doing nothing at all. Many of my clients receiving Botox come into Soul for the Neurotris sx-4500 paired with red light therapy. These micro-current sessions enhance the effects of the Botox quite nicely. The Red light therapy (energy) tends to the plumping of the skin, while the micro-current takes care of the muscles of the face and neck. Having tone muscles makes skin look lifted, right? When the muscles of the body are tone and tight, doesn’t your skin look better?

So with or without Botox, micro-current technology is an amazing contribution to the skin care industry and clients love it! It is one of the most, if not only sources of technology available today that works on lifting and toning the muscles of the face and even the body non-invasively. Pretty remarkable stuff this micro-current!  Isn’t it? So why not try it! You have everything to “gain” and nothing to lose!

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