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About Us

About Barbara

barbarahannettI am a New York State licensed and insured esthetician since 2001. Right out of school, I was given the opportunity to obtain an internship with Drs. Stephen Bosniak and Marian Zilkha. Their practice was located in Manhattan and Great Neck, Long Island NY. I interned at, Bosniak & Zilkha for approximately a year and a half, where I observed all phases of surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. While I really was fascinated by all that I was learning and being exposed to at that time, I felt I wanted to learn more about other areas of esthetics.

Constantly looking to broaden my educational horizon, I attended as many advanced classes in esthetics that I could, as well as various trade shows all over the U.S. This is where I really learned to develop my own style of skin care. Figured out which products I loved best and really honed in my skills as a skin care provider. I took advanced facial massage techniques and traveled as far as Boulder, CO to do so. Although I loved student teaching I eventually left and I decided to try my hand at opening my own business. I took a risk by putting what I learned throughout the years to good use. In 2005 I opened Soul Skin Care and have been enjoying the ride now for 11 years.

iStock_000019552485_MediumI am deeply connected to Long Island and animal welfare. I have volunteered at Brookhaven Animal Shelter and offered free services to those in need.




Barbara Hannett

“My main goal at Soul Skin Care is to provide the perfect balance between effectiveness and complete relaxation. The space where I operate is enchanting, it’s an ultra-therapeutic environment for my clients to be in. I am blessed to be doing what I love for a living, I am honored and very grateful to all my clients for giving me that privilege.”

I look forward to helping you establish a skin care regime suitable to your lifestyle!