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A Relaxing Experience

Barbara at Soul Skin Care makes it her priority to really capture the perfect balance between being effective at what she does to creating a very relaxing experience.

If you’re looking for total relaxation, you’ve found the perfect place. Perhaps you’re a person who needs weekly or monthly maintenance or something in-between. Barbara at Soul Skin Care will meet the needs of your skin. She provides great care skin care and body treatment services with the utmost in professionalism. Soul Skin Care is the most relaxing place in Islip. Book a facial or body treatment appointment with Barbara and experience the ultimate in relaxation.

Consultations are free with each visit so please give us a call. If you received our voicemail do leave a message. We are all about individualized service and we operate by appointment only.

No two skin care treatments are the same. ALL services are customized to suit your individual skin type and its condition.

Signature Facials

Free Consultation before each facial. All signature facial services will include the same procedures as our one-hour organic.

One-hour Organic $90
This service incorporates all the steps of a traditional facial treatment.
Skin consultation, Skin cleanse, Fitness massage, Exfoliation, Extraction, Masque, Serum and appropriate day or night moisturizer.
Micro-Current $170
Non-Invasive Face Lift

(Package of 4 at $145)
What does skin lay on after all, but the muscles of the face! Starting from the skin, hydrating toning and tightening it right down to the muscles of the face.
this service offeres dramatic results. Even days later your results will improve.
Why is that!? Well, it’s because I am using one of the best micro-currnet devices the industry has to offer! Ultrasound and red L.E.D light therapy is also included within this service.

Redness Relief $85

Designed to soothe, this service will suit the needs of sensitive-sensitized skin such as rosacea, acne and other irritated skin conditions caused by environmental conditions.

Hydration $100

Penetration by way of ultrasound, we’ll infuse the finest hyaluronic acid and other amazing hydrating masques deep into the skin. This service is wonderful for all skin types, especially the dry dehydrated types!

Blue Light Therapy $70

Benefits of Blue Light therapy can aid in soothing and calming some conditions such as rosacea, acne, oily, blemish prone and congested skin. A VERY popular service here at soul skin care for all my probmatic skin types. Face and back ( PLEASE take out some key stuff from other website on this)

Total Skin Care $200-$230
Revive and Recapture Over 90 Minutes

The ultimate facial experience at Soul Skin Care. whatever you need to walk out looking years younger is what we’ll do. No shortage of fuss and fluff with this one.
Up to four different types of skin care procedures in one visit. So pack a bag you’ll be here a lil while. Hit the bathroom in the hall before you arrive!
May include any combinations of the following listed below:

  • Peel
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Ultrasound
  • Micro-current
  • L.E.D. light therapy
  • Oxygen infusion
  • Advanced Facial massage
  • Galvanic
  • High Frequency
Energetics Organic Facial Service $125

This treatment includes the one-hour organic facial plus the amazing benefits Light therapy, L.E.D. (Light emitting diodes) Energetics Offers a totally natural, non-abrasive method for skin rejuvenation available today and It is the favorite treatment at soul skin care! The Light energy being received by our Oxylight, synergistically interacts with cells of the skin. Red light therapy stimulates the skin to produce new collagen and elsatin, helping skin to plump and firm. Blue light therapy aids the skin by in helping it control and minimize minor acne. Yellow light is great for rosacea, sensitive and sensitized skin.

Acne /MASKNE $100
Decongest 70 minutes

Designed to deep pore cleanse combination to oily acne prone skin. Emphasis on extractions and decongesting the skin. If you have been getting Acne from hormones, dietary, medical conditions or from your mask, Soul Skin Care can help.

Microdermabrasion $110

Using diamond tipped wands to deeply and effectively exfoliate the skin. leaving the skin smooth and refined. Extractions ARE included!

Sapphire 3 Micro-Exfoliation $160

Beautiful form of exfoliation using vibration and no suction which makes this service excellent for all skin types! There are three steps to this amazing Service.

Using special tips that are included in the cost of this service, a pass on dry cleansed skin will be performed first. this will deeply exfoliate the skin. Followed by a wet pass which polishes and hydrates. Last but not least, lymphatic drainage which detoxifies and regenerates healthy skin.

Anti-Aging $125
Reverse 80 minutes

Addressing the needs of aging skin by use of Ultrasound- antioxidants-Light Energy-Oxygen.

This is a Soul favorite. Formerly know as Energetics. Induces a very deep state of relaxation during the OxyLight therapy with lower leg and foot massage.

Red Light Therapy $65
Revive 35 minutes

(15 minute add-on service to any facial $30)
There is truly amazing benefits to Red L.E.D. light therapy. Plenty of research available on-line about the benefits of light therapy. In short, Red light therapy here is used to plump the skin by way of stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen. it’s Safe and non-invasive.

Try one try many you will love what the benefits of light will do for you.

Release and Regenerate $100

(add-on Red or Blue light therapy $30)
ALL peeling agents are natural. The proper treatment and/or package will be designed for you after a skin consultation. Your treatment will include all the procedures of our one-hour facial service.

  • Fruit Enzymatic Peel- The gentle giant wonderful for all skin types & conditions
  • Lactic- Hydrating & anti-aging
  • Vitamin C- Brightening and lightening
  • Glycolic- Anti-aging & acne
  • Pumpkin Yam- Anti-aging firming & very hydrating
  • Noni w/copper peptide & DMAE -Instant results of skin tightening & plumping
Dermaplaning $90

Upgrade any facial service with eye treatment $15.00, lip treatment $5.00 and light therapy for $35.00. Package Pricing Available. Prices may vary and change without notice.