Body Skin Care Treatments - Soul Skin Care
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Body Skin Care Treatments

Eye’s are the Mirror of the Soul $15

This eye treatment will hydrate, soothe and supple the skin around the eyes.

1 Hour Back Facial Sublime  $125

(add-on Blue light therapy $30)
An Extremely relaxing and effective treatment for the back whether you have acne or not! Especially GREAT after a far infra-red sauna session.
Blue Light therapy is always highly suggested for those who are dealing with blemished skin. Lower legs and feet will greatly appreciate you, as they will be massaged just perfectly during the masque portion of your service. OxyLight Therapy available for upper chest areas.

Soul Skin Care Back Facial
Air-roamatherapy $95 add sauna $30

While lying under our White L.E.D light You’ll be breathing in 95% purified oxygen. This oxygen will be tenderly infused with a single or blended essential oil such as neroli – frankensence- bergermot- peppermint- lavender and sage- just to name a few.
White light therapy helps to elevate mood and encourages a state of well being.
Your ears, Lower legs, feet, arms and hands will receive the proper and much needed attention they so deserve.
So just relax . Receive the light and restore your Soul
Add a sauna in and take the experience to a whole other level.
This is a soul skin care favorite

Neck and decollate $35

(add-on only!)
Special masque that consists up many skin tightening peptides. Helps to minimize the look of dehydrated and sagging skin. Red light therapy included.

Bake and Buff $135

A 30 minute far infrared sauna that will melt away stress and leave your body feeling very relaxed . special mitts from Turkey will be used to deeply exfoliate the skin while it is still warm from the sauna.
After the skin is thoroughly cleansed, Special ozonated oils will gently applied to the skin replenishing and revitalizing it to your Soul.

Amazing Foot Facial $35

(add-on only!)
The Amazing Foot Facial was created only because my clients asked me to. They love, love, love the foot massages they receive while under the light.
I do happen to have a nail license so I created an amazing fluffy service for the lower legs and feet. Words can’t describe. Your experience will give it a voice. Book your foot facial today.

Foot Massage